"Smart and topical, Robin Ryde’s book gives us big thoughts on modern management - with lessons drawn from sources as diverse as Nietzsche and the punk band Crass. Rock on!"
Jeremy Vine, BBC Presenter
"If you are looking for a book that will shake up your thinking about how to improve your organization’s performance – or worried that your competitors will find it first! – try this one. Ryde argues that the future is emphatically not about execution, but is instead about exploration – and, he says, bosses and authority are obstacles to creative, effective, joyful exploring. This book challenges you either to join the revolution – or be swept away by it."
Professor Dutch Leonard, Harvard Business School & Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government
"I love this book! It turns the traditional leadership concepts upside down. A must read for anybody who wants to capture the power of their whole organisation."
Sally Martin, Vice President Commercial Service, Shell International Petroleum Company
"Never Mind the Bosses makes a compelling and absorbing case for the need for everyone to take up not only their rights, but critically, their responsibilities for the greater good."
Kai Peters, CEO, Ashridge Business School
"A powerful reminder that deference has no place in an accelerating world, where only the most innovative organisations will thrive and prosper."
Ben Page, Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI
"‘Know your place’ is how many of us are introduced to the world of deference but Ryde has a better initiation ceremony in his post-deferential vision: ‘Earn your place’."
Professor Keith Grint, Warwick Business School
"In the era of too few people, doing more work and feeling job insecure requires a different, more engaging and less status conscious cadre of managers. . . a must buy for those interested in the new breed of manager."
Cary L. Cooper, CBE, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University Management School
"This is a fascinating book. Robin Ryde makes a persuasive case that our traditional deference to authority is dying out, and he shows how the world of business can harness this sea-change in attitudes to become more responsive and agile in the face of economic uncertainty."
Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
"An engaging and entertaining romp through the post punk world. By going beyond the boundaries of most business books, Ryde gives us all food for thought."
Jo Owen, author of How to Lead
"A riveting read – unexpected quotes from The Damned and Donald Rumsfeld grabbed my attention and held it – bags of leadership insights in here, entertainingly and memorably presented."
Iain Lobban, Director, GCHQ
"No more tugging the forelock, deference needs to be earned through actions not hierarchy and history. Robin Ryde sets a new agenda for working relationships in modern management."
Tim Williams, People Director, Pearson UK
"A properly thought-provoking read that challenges business leaders to assess the extent to which they f**k uptheir business."
John Shaw, HR Director, DST Global Solutions
"For any leader trying to make sense of an increasingly complex world Never Mind the Bosses is a must read."
Steve McGuirk, CBE, Greater Manchester County Fire Officer and Chief Executive
"Challenging the egos and dominant leadership styles which have contributed to some of the worst economic and corporate disasters of our time, this book takes employee engagement and empowerment to a new level."
Simone Hemingway, HR Director, formerly Alliance Medical and Serco and writer
"An excellent read with a central proposition that’s intuitively right but also thought provoking and challenging."
Althea Efunshile, Chief Operating Officer, the Arts Council England

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