Never mind the bosses, here's Robin Ryde

Picture of the book: Never mind the bosses by Robin Ryde

Over the last few decades, power, information and resources have moved from being concentrated in the hands of a few, to being disbursed across many.

We need look no further than events on the world stage to see this – Wikileaks, the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement; the rise of social media, and flashpoints such as the British Parliament expenses scandal. All are examples of deep change occurring.

NEVER MIND THE BOSSES is about what this means for the workplace and for management.

This book offers a solution to a problem that belongs in the last century, and a game plan for nothing short of a workplace REVOLUTION.

"Robin Ryde is essential reading for today’s leaders."
Althea Efunshile, Chief Operating Officer, the Arts Council England
"A riveting read...bags of leadership insights."
Iain Lobban, Director, GCHQ
“For the new breed of manager.”
Prof Cary Cooper, Lancaster University Management School Read more

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